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    MotionGlow wireless light rail - lighting without cables!

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    Save considerably on your energy bill with these smart light solutions

    Do you think some rooms in your house, such as the living room, corridor, kitchen or cupboard, have too little atmospheric lighting? HDo you not feel like carrying out complicated renovations or moving electrical wiring? That is no longer necessary thanks to our rechargeable wireless motion light strip! Transform your living space with the High -quality wireless motion light strip.

    Unique to this product:

    ✅ Choice of 3 light colors: Warm white, neutral and cold white

    ✅ Automatic on and off: Responds automatically to movement in the detection area.

    ✅ No wiring required: Get rid of clumsy electric cables!

    ✅ Energy efficient: Lighting is only switched on when needed.

    ✅ Atmospheric lighting: Thanks to modern white colors, your house gets a warm ambiance!

    ✅ 3 Lighting modes: Automatic on/off, day mode, night mode


    With this wireless motion light strip, including built -in motion sensor and daylight sensor, you always have lighting at the right time. Never again press switches and never forget to switch off the lighting. The wireless motion light strip is wireless and can be inside 10 seconds are installed With the included magnetic strip.

    The wireless motion light strip contains one motion sensor It uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect human movements within a radius of 3 meters. In combination with the ambient light detection becomes the lighting automatically switched on.

    Place the wireless Motion Light Strip everywhere!
    The product is ideal for the bedroom, baby room, kitchen, cupboards (such as wardrobes), drawers, storage cupboards, corridor, workshop, garage, basement, stairwell, loft, with doors etc.

    The wireless motion light strip is available in three sizes: 20, 30 and 40 cm. After only 2 hours of charging you can enjoy the lighting in automatic mode for months. Because the lighting is only switched on when needed, you save considerably on your energy consumption!


    What does the Wireless Motion Light Strip package consist of?

    • Wireless Motion Light Strips 
    • Length: 20, 30 or 40 cm
    • Including free shipping
    • Switches on/off automatically through the motion sensor
    • Manual

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