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    SensoryWorld ™ - Interactive Sensitigenboek for Children

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    Stimulate the imagination and curiosity of your child with our revolutionary sensory experience!

    Unleash a world of wonder and discovery with the SensoryWorld ™ Sensory Book for children. This innovative senses book is designed to fascinate and involve young spirits and is not just an ordinary storybook, it is a multisensorical adventure that stimulates creativity, cognitive development and for hours pleasant play.

    Step in one world where Stories come to life By touch, View and sound. Every page of the SensoryWorld is a masterpiece of sensory exploration, with materials with texture, lively colors and interactive elements that children story physically let it experience. From crumpled substances to silky ribbons, Each texture has been carefully chosen for the stimulate sense And to promote motor skills.

    Main benefits:

    ✔️ Multi -sensory adventure - The SensoryWorld ™ takes children on a trip through touch, visibility, sound and more.

    ✔️ Lively images - See how your child's eyes light up from wonder about the lively and colorful illustrations that adorn every page.

    ✔️ Touch with texture - With various textures, fabrics and surfaces, this senses book lets children discover the world by touch.

    ✔️ Interactive elements - Kiekeboe recesses and hidden surprises await every page. These interactive elements encourage participation and promote curiosity.

    ✔️ Safe and non -toxic - The SensoryWorld ™ is made of child -friendly materials that do not contain harmful chemicals, so that you can play carefree with it.

    Open a world full of sensory enchantment with it SensoryWorld ™ - Senses book for children. Stimulus creativity, Encourage development and Create permanent memories while you go on a journey that the senses stimulate And the young spirits feeds.


    • Dimensions: 8 inch (width) x 8 inch (height)
    • Materials: child -safe substances, textures and materials
    • Recommended age: 6 months and older
    • Cleaning: washable with mild soap and damp cloth
    • Binding: Soft quilted band for easy use

    Package contents:

    • SensoryWorld ™ - Sensitigen Book for Children


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